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Ahh, Vision- what can we say about it? This has to be the most over-used, misused, maligned, smarmy, misunderstood.....

Juggle Like a Business Owner

As the former owner of contracting companies, I know all about juggling. Any company, no matter the size, has a certain....

Wednesday Weekly- People #1

I believe there’s a good reason it’s been said our employees are our internal customers. We must be trying to convince...

Wednesday Weekly - People #2

After thinking about the first post I wrote on employers’ responsibilities to their employees, I decided to do a follow-up article...

Wednesday Weekly - People # 3

My intent here was to finish my “People” series with this post. It seems that the relationship between ownership, management...

Wednesday Weekly - People #4

So we’ve dealt with the right people part of my people theme. If you remember, I referred to the people part of a business being like a bus...


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