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Contractors with issues...

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• Waking up at night because payroll is due tomorrow


• Not knowing where all that money you’re making is disappearing to.


• A miserable, no family-time workaholic existence


• Too many tightwad, non-paying customers/not enough loyal, happy ones


• Losing too many great jobs to your subpar competition


If you suffer from:

You just need to make a few changes.

Hi- Randy Redinger here.  As a longtime former contractor, I know how you feel.  You’d think since you know how to do your trade, you could easily do it on your own.  As you’re learning, there’s more to it.  A LOT more.

With a few changes in how you do things, I can help you make more money, have more freedom, and gain the fulfillment you dreamed about when you first started your business.


You're not alone....

There are answers to all the problems you have with your business, and you’ve come to the right place to find them.

Running a business is hard enough- figuring out how to fix your issues while doing it is almost impossible.

You need someone with knowledge and experience to help walk you through making the changes needed to get you back on track.  Someone who’s walked a mile in your shoes.



Bring back the dream....

I know your life isn’t how you thought it would be when you were planning to go on your own.  It never is.

Forget about all the feelings of failure.  Yes, your old boss made it look easy.  And he wasn’t even that smart.

Know that from now on, you’re looking to a brighter future: You’re married to your spouse, not your business.  You make enough money to live how you want to.  And the stress you’re feeling is gone.




Profit is NOT a dirty word.  You need to know why you charge what you charge.  Cash flow is the life blood of your business.


Sales Training

Stand out from your competition- educate your customers.  People hate being pressured into buying, but love to buy if they trust you and feel understood by you.


It IS possible to stay busy doing the kind of work you like to do, for the kinds of people you want to do work for.


Don’t you WANT to take vacations, enjoy weekends relaxing, and eat supper with your family?  Put systems in place- you’ve got a complicated business to run.  No one can- or should even try- to keep it all in their head.



If you don’t think you deserve to charge enough to be profitable, your business will never prosper.  If you can’t make every decision based on what’s best for your company, you have a long, hard road ahead of you.  If you don’t get Mindset right, none of the rest of it matters.


“Randy worked with our team to help us get on track and organized with our business.  Basin is a much better business because of his work with us.”

- Dwight Kopman

Basin Construction and Drain Tiling

“Randy helped me get clear on my priorities, my strengths, and my potential as a contractor.  Love the results.”



-Lee Simonson

Leeco Plumbing


Milestones is about helping contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs build a better life through smart marketing, sales, and processes.


Integrity, honesty, and the naked truth rule here.


I'll never sell you anything you don't need, and I'll do my best to fulfull every promise I make.  Every recommendation I make is with you and your business' best interests as the first consideration.

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