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Juggle Like a Business Owner

As the former owner of contracting companies, I know all about juggling. Any company, no matter the size, has a certain number of balls that must be kept in the air. And, of course, the larger and more complex a company gets, the more there are.



The challenge all business owners and leadership teams face is keeping them from hitting the ground. If we aren’t careful, we take our eyes off the balls that must be kept aloft as a whole, and start worrying about individual balls as they seem to get larger. Sometimes, they get so large and in our face, that they block the sight of all the rest. It’s not hard to imagine what happens next…

So you’ve been working your tail off, and cash flow is still an issue.

 You’ve done everything you can think of but it’s not good enough. You- and the rest of the company- have been putting in long hours doing the work your clients and customers expect. Just when you think you’re about to round the corner and start REALLY getting some traction, you realize you haven’t been doing enough to get new customers. You took your eye off the marketing/sales ball. This is not going to help the cash flow situation.

You’re super busy. Your awesome sales and marketing people are hitting on all cylinders- bringing in business like no other. You’re pushing everyone hard to keep up with demand. One of your key operations people comes in and hands you their resignation- it’s a bolt out of the blue. Everything has been going so well- at least from your point of view! They can’t do this to you- don’t they know what this will do to your ability to run your business? You took your eye off the HR/ employee relations ball. This is not going to help the operations capacity situation.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to focusing too much in one area- just because it seems like the most important thing at the time. In reality, it was just the most urgent- there IS a difference. All the parts are important, and must be given the appropriate amount of attention. Which leads us back to juggling.

All six key areas of any business need to be served in a consistent, methodical manner. You cannot neglect any one of them because others seem more important at the time. Vision, People, Data, Issues, Processes, and Traction. Let me know how I can help- it’s time to take your life back and enjoy being in business again!

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